Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The holidays are pretty much over now and I made it through without incident. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, a very memorable Christmas and with only one day left until the new year, are looking forward to a fresh start. But what will 2009 bring? I can't help looking back on the events in my life in 2008.

First and foremost, we had a new addition in 2008. On January 23, we welcomed my nephew, Lucas, to the family. He is the most mellow kid I have ever known and I can't wait to see how he takes on the world. Of course, he spent the first year of his life fighting off big brother, Eddie. Don't worry, one day he'll fight back!!

I took a huge chance on myself this year. In March, I took my children and left my husband of nine years. It was so hard making that decision but I knew that it would all turn out for the better. Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by an old friend of mine and we began to get to know each other again. We soon began to talk more frequently and in June, we fell in love. By September, I was officially divorced and ready to start my life over with the man of my dreams.

In October, I packed up my children, the only life I had ever known and moved to Arizona. My man and I were married within the month and well on our way to Washington, which is where the story begins. I'm extremely happy in my life right now and know that as time goes on it can only get better.

I am thankful for the things that I have learned this year. I have found out who my true friends are, who loves me unconditionally, who I can call on now matter what the circumstances and that family is the most important thing. I also learned that I am stronger than I could have ever imagined. I have proved to myself that I can make it through anything with the right attitude and confidence.

Happy New Year to all of you and I wish for you nothing but the best for many years to come!